GptAutoBOT: Write automatically with AI ChatGPT

Extension to automatically write status, tweet using ChatGPT's data is a browser extension that allows users to create automatic posts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, using data provided by ChatGPT.
How to use this tool is very simple, users just need to type the command "/gpt command" into the post box on Facebook, Twitter.
Then, the extension will automatically send the command to ChatGPT and get the answer that matches that command to create a good quality and attractive text article.
This tool makes creating articles simpler and faster, especially for users who often have to create new content on social networks. With an extension that automatically writes status tweets using ChatGPT's data, users can create high-quality articles easily and save time.

How to use

  1. Install extension chrome
  2. Log in on
  3. In any textbox type '/gpt' + your request and hit Enter, Shift+Enter or CTRL+Enter.

Examples Facebook

Example 1

Examples Twitter

Example 2